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About Creative Point

Creative Point has many diverse services, mainly connected with digital graphics in some way or another. Having a background in publishing, graphic workstations, artwork and Technical Illustration Creative Point has some very interesting resources.

We are not signers, printers or computer software users who claim to be designers, we are gifted artists who've been educated in computer graphics and have many, many years of experience. Our knowledge base goes back to darkroom film and quality graphic layouts which are rarely even seen today. We actually helped build part of the Quad City bridge that connects the old way to todays computer graphics.

 FACT: You can't buy the talent you'll find at Creative Point or Walnut Ridge Studio, You can hire it!      Just call 792-2011.

Some History...

Creative Point/Walnut Ridge Studio began back in 1987 as State-of-The-Art Graphics while Craig Pirmann (Artist/Owner) was still working for Deere & Company as a publisher. Craig worked from his home doing primarily hand painted and manually drawn graphics, like mapping, technical illustration, hand painted signs, and even some custom framing. In 1992 Craig left Deere to develop his own company and fulfill his destiny of being an independant artist and graphic designer.   The business flourished during the 90's with Craig's vast experience and education in graphics.

Many companies struggled with the new technologies of computers and Craig was right there to help get them through it. State-of-The-Art Graphics was able to bridge the old with the new and maintain sanity.

Creative Point grew out of necessity, with the ability to transform and conform the ever changing needs of the markets, Creative Point the digital graphics and Walnut Ridge the manual graphics (artwork) have transcended the crazy fluctuations in the computer graphics industry since 1992 and have stayed liquid. We recently divided the two companies to make life easier for our clients. It just makes more sense to separate them since they are so different, with the Digital age of computers, and, the age old talents of Fine-Art.


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